IE9 RC 在Windows7 下存在内存泄漏问题

作者:秩名   来源:IT165收集  发布日期:2011-04-05 17:47:04

根据在Microsoft Connect上的多个反馈,至少在 9 RC 浏览器会引起sidebar.exe和svchost.exe的内存泄漏问题。


在Microsoft Connect上的原文如下:

My normal memory usage for my installation has been at 1300MB - 1500MB with out launching any other programs that are not launched at startup or login. (yes I know this is kinda high but they are used. things like Live messenger, Live Sync. ect.) today I loged into my pc to see memory usage over 3000MB and I hadn't launched a single non auto start program yet. With 4GB of ram to my system this is quite a problem. I checked task manager to see if I could find the offending applications. I found sidebar.exe using around 1GB of ram and scvhost.exe using around 500+MB (there where two scvhost.exe and that was the larger of the two) I closed out the sidebar and got a lot of my ram back but scvhost.exe while it did go down still was around 300MB.

This kinds of performance I did not see in IE9beta and I have not changed any other programs or habits since the IE9 RC install. The gadgets are the same ones I have been using for a while now without seeing this kind of memory usage before IE9 RC.

I really hope this gets fixed soon!



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